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My Princess…

I love reading the funny, sarcastic and irreverent mommy blogs.  I like the ones that make fun of all things about motherhood.  These blogs also give me a connection to the other wonderfully sarcastic mothers out there.  I swear, how do you survive life without sarcasm?  I also have to laugh when I read a blog that really hits the nail on the head and I am “THAT” mom.  Over the last week or so I’ve encountered several such blogs  where they screamed–THIS IS YOU! I thought I’d just give you the run down of the top 5 so you know to avoid me in the future if any of these are your “THAT” mommy pet peeves.

1. I post to social media way too many pictures, anecdotes and stories about my Munchkin.  She is just about the only thing I can talk about.  She’s the most perfect thing I’ve ever done.  So, I guess you can also put me in that category of Moms that can only talk about their kids. But, I will talk to you about your kids all day long too.  I just love to talk about these little people. It was funny how quickly I became “THAT” mom.  On October 14th I was discussing politics, theories and science with my hubby and October 16th (the day after her birth) we could only talk about the size, color and frequency of Munchkin’s poop with an accompanying chart we had created. This was just a quick and unexpected total change.

2. I was a very reserved person before I had a baby.  There were just certain things I did not talk about and I certainly did not understand all the sharing about labor experiences. I mean–ewwww!  But now, I’m right there pulling out the quick vitals of the birthing experience:  False alarm on 10/14; 18 hours of labor on 10/15; I love me an epidural; pushed for an hour and my 9 lb 12 oz little line backer arrived.  She was a broad little girl. I never thought I’d feel comfortable telling a perfect stranger about my miracle of birth and all the aftermath.  I became “THAT” mom pretty quickly too.

3. I’m a free-range parent. Yes, I am “THAT” Mom who will let her 4.5 year old play in the yard unsupervised and will continue to add privileges as she gets older. I believe strongly in allowing Munchkin to explore her independence within the safe confines of our yard.  I will not scare her into distrusting everyone she meets.  I will teach her how to handle strangers, but I will not make her fearful to live and do exciting things. We hear about horrific crimes more and more with our 24/7 media, but the reality is that violent crime and crime in general is lower now than when I was a kid growing up.  All violent crime is down 48% between 2003-2011 (FBI Uniform Crime Report).  Criminologists everywhere largely agree with these empirical findings that crime is lower.  BUT, studies show that perceptions of crime is higher.  As I’ve already mentioned above–my daughter is the most perfect thing I’ve ever done.  I’m certainly not careless with her safety.  I just feel strongly that I have more to teach her than fear. Yeah, so I MIGHT be a little passionate about this one and it may be best to avoid me on this topic if you think we are looney tunes for this parenting approach.  I am definitely “THAT” Mom.

4.  I am a work away from home Mom and have a career I love and am passionate about.  I hate the term working mom vs. stay at home mom. All mothers are working whether at home or away from home.  Anyway, I digress…contrary to popular belief college professors work long hours and sometimes crazy hours. I’m not always home by bedtime.  I sometimes leave earlier than she wakes up.  Do I necessarily like all the time I’m away from her?  No, of course not.  Do I want to quit my career?  No, of course not.  But, I have to be honest.  My feelings get hurt being “THAT” mom sometimes.  I was at a birthday party recently where most of the mothers knew each other from weekly play dates and were all work from home mommies.  One of them actually told me after I told her what I did for a living, “Well, a career is ok for some I guess.”  That REALLY hurt my feelings. My closest friends are work from home moms, work away from home moms, part time work away and part time work at home–we’ve all chosen what works for the kind of life we wish to build. That vision looks different for all of us.  My decision makes me no better or no worse of a mother than anyone else. We are all just trying to make it out here and not be eaten by our young!  So,  yeah–I am THAT mom and I do have feelings when flippant comments are made about what works for my little family. I also count myself lucky in that I have a work from home hubby and that Mom lives with us making it easier for me to have a career I love and a wonderful family life.

5.I am a Pinterest Mom.  I scour Pinterest before birthday parties, holidays, just for fun weekend activities. I love my hot glue gun. In fact, I have no finger prints from the number of times I’ve glued my fingers.  I glued tiny jewels to plastic silverware for Munchkin’s 4th birthday party–A Princess Tea Extravaganza!  To take a line from Steel Magnolias my kitchen/dining room looked like it has been hosed down with Pepto Bismol.  I was up until 3:00 in the morning decorating and getting ready. I made fruit fairy wands, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the shapes of crowns (who doesn’t love a good cookie cutter?!).  I love doing things like this.  I certainly never saw myself as the Pinterest Mom when I got pregnant. Crafty I was not and now look at me–I go by the handle The Crafty Professor!  Plus, as I rationalize to the hubby when he complains, “She’s my one and only.”  It kind of shuts him up since he really does not want any more kids.  It’s my trump card.  So, yes I am “THAT” Pinterest Mom and I LOVE IT!

The Craziness of Pinterest

The Craziness of Pinterest

I don’t really think I’m that bad. The bloggers who write about “THAT” mom are hysterical to me.  I can laugh at myself and my sudden obsession with Pinterest.  Those moments of pure sarcasm are just a much needed relief from the stress of juggling it all.  Keep it up irreverent and sarcastic mommy bloggers.  I need your humor to make it through.  You are doing a great service for so many of us out there.


3 thoughts on “I’m THAT Mommy…

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  2. Touchee! Especially on leaving kids to roam free. I am totally THAT mom and get a lot of dirty looks for it, but I want her to explore and be creative and not afraid of everything.


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