Crochet Addict

A lot of tears, laughter and stories woven into this project.

A lot of tears, laughter and stories woven into this project.

Hi.  I go by the handle, “The Crafty Professor” and I am a crochet addict.  I have yarn stashes in places you wouldn’t believe.  I am constantly feeding the yarn stash with beautiful yarn for special projects.  I take out my pretty yarn just to look at it.  If I can’t take my yarn I don’t travel. I crochet every evening and would crochet all day long if my job would let me.  I even considered one time that I could crochet while lecturing to my students and I could be that eccentric professor we all once had in school.  Somehow I do not think my department head would be too thrilled with that particular eccentricity.  I just love to crochet.

I started crocheting in February of 2014 so this is a relatively new addiction.  It was really something how quickly the addiction started.  I learned the basics on a Thursday afternoon from a fellow crochet addict and spent all weekend on YouTube learning how to do more and more stitches. I called my Dad that weekend and told him I was learning to crochet.  He cracked up and asked whether he needed to send me a rocking chair since it seemed I was preparing for an early retirement.  J kind of laughed and said it will never last when I took up this hobby.  Munchkin just wanted new scarves and leg warmers. Needless to say a year and a half later I am still going strong.  I am even selling my items now.  I reserved an Etsy store front and now I just need to fill it with all my lovely items in my “spare” time.

But, crocheting has been my lifesaver.  It has been the stress reliever I desperately needed.  I can sit down in the evening for a few hours or just a few minutes and get totally lost in a pattern.  I do not think about the stress at work, the dishes that need to be done, the fact that I pried boogers off the wall after discovering the Munchkin’s booger collection or any of the other things that might be weighing on me.  I just completely focus on this one activity and my brain shuts off.  It. Is. LOVELY.

My projects also take on special meaning as I complete them during trying times (which is probably why I do not sell half of what I make).  For example, last year I started a baby blanket the day I got home to care for Dad. I sat in a chair by his bed day in and day out working on that baby blanket.  A lot of stories and tears went into that baby blanket.  I finished it the day he died.  I gave it to my oldest friend who was having a baby and told her the story behind it and that the blanket wasn’t about death but about the stories Dad shared with me about life as we talked and as I crocheted. Those stories are woven into the finished product.  Mom moving in with us hasn’t been stressful per say but it has been a change.  Crocheting allows me to stop thinking about that change even just for a little while.

Everyone needs an activity that completely releases them and allows a mental break.  I cannot stress that enough for those of us who are in the sandwich generation. The pressure of caring for both your children and parents can be immense.  We have to remember to take care of ourselves or we will have nothing left to be effective. We are pulled so many different directions that we have to demand that even if it is just a half an hour that we get that time to ourselves.  I know.  Easier said than done.  BELIEVE ME.  I know. It is not beneath me to smuggle my yarn and hook into the bathroom and lock the door.  I can usually get 15 minutes before someone starts wondering about me and then the phrase, “tummy problems” works wonders.

On a serious note, having that time is just best for our loved ones too. I’m less short tempered with Munchkin.  I stop visualizing my crochet hook as a weapon when looking at the hubby.  It protects everyone’s health.  I wonder if I can use my insurance Visa card to buy yarn?  Hmmm…

So, just take some time. Protect your health–both physical and mental because we are good to no one when we do not.




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