This isn’t a half bad arrangement…

mom and me

An oldie but a goodie…

We had the world’s worst road trip today.  We had horrendous weather.  Severe weather with thunder, lightening, torrential rain and hail nailed us three times on this trip. During the first storm Munchkin made up a Frozen inspired song that gave her “magic” that could stop the bad weather.  Because it was raining so hard she was singing the song at a volume that attempted to be heard over the rain pounding down on us.  It was just our luck that as soon as we drove out of the storm was just when she finished her song giving her the impression she is the one who stopped the rain and gave 2 more repeat performances.  The drivers around us were acting like it was a bright sunny day and flying by us and then slamming on their breaks.  Hubby was using colorful language that I am sure Munchkin will repeat at the first inopportune moment.  Needless to say, my nerves were shot by the time our 10 hour trip was over.

Mom wasn’t home when we pulled into the driveway.  She should be glad of that because we were a disgruntled crew.  We unlocked the house and it didn’t take me long to realize there are some definite perks to having Mom living with us.

First, when we normally return from a trip there is no food.  We’ve all been there.  You get home totally exhausted and try to cobble together a snack from cheese that you’ve trimmed the penicillin from and some partially stale crackers.  When we got home tonight there was food.  Real food.  Fresh food!  She even bought Pepsi for Hubby since that is his addiction.  There were bananas for Munchkin and so much other yummy foods.  My fridge has never looked so inviting after a trip.  Yup, definite plus.  No moldy cheese for us tonight and I’ll start back on my healthy eating plan right after I demolish a bagel with a pound of cream cheese.

We left the house pretty clean before our trip.  It’s a habit of mine to clean before a trip.  J likes to say that I make the house nice and neat for anyone who wants to break in. I just hate coming home to a mess.  But, we got home and it was clear she had also done some cleaning. My bed was even made!  Hubby thought someone really had broken into the house since our bed is never made.  Normally after 10 days away our house is in need of a good dust and vacuuming.  Nope, none of that for us this time around! I’m off the hook for at least another week!

We had paper products.  I’m REALLY bad about running out of things like toilet paper and paper towel before and trip and saying, “Eh, we are going to be gone anyway.  I’ll get it later.”  Yeah, not good after a long trip when you return home to no toilet paper.  Paper products were fully stocked.  Nice!

My flowers weren’t dead.  At the start of spring and fall I buy tons of flowers because I have this delusion that I have a green thumb.  But, we travel a lot and the flowers always end up dead.  She watered all my flowers and even managed to bring two back to life.  Mom always had a fantastic green thumb.  She saved my flowers from a certain death.

I was able to climb on the couch to crochet and watch Netflix after our horrific trip home.  It was bliss.  I’ll have to thank her once she gets home.  She is currently pushing her luck being out past curfew after attending a concert this evening.  I’ve even had to text her….Oh my…so much wrong with this reversal of roles.


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